Spiritual Community

community 1Green Goddess is an open, non-denominational group, mostly consisting of light-workers on a spiritual path, & those searching for a higher purpose & happiness in their lives. We offer a safe place to begin or continue your own quest for meaning in your lives. The journey inward can be a bit daunting with so much information out there to consider. Green Goddess has a community of people on many life paths, and at many stages of their personal development.

We strive to learn from each other. We all come from different backgrounds, we all know divergent material. Everyone has something to offer, both from prior education or life experiences. Make great connections, meet new, like-minded friends, or just come and enjoy the positive energy.

Sound healing 2014

We are all very dependent on the natural gifts this planet has provided us, so we have the utmost respect & a caring attitude towards the earth. We look to the lifestyles & belief systems of indigenous peoples who have long lived their lives in communion with the seasonal changes. Radical change must occur in order to heal the damage man has already done to the environment, and to guarantee that future generations are able to enjoy the treasures the Great Mother has shared with us thus far.