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The devastating news was posted on Facebook yesterday of the passing of our friend, Candyce Fleming.  I knew she was dealing with some serious health issues, and had gone “dark” on Facebook, but had no idea we would lose her.  I assume she wanted it kept private, among her family & closest friends, and didn’t want to be the center of attention & fuss-that’s how she was.

Candyce was kind & gentle, and journeyed exuded grace, compassion & dignity. She always had positive words to share, uplifting thoughts, never talking about people, but of ideas & solutions.

Candyce loved her family, pets & home above all else. Her closeness with her husband Will was inspirational. The sun rose & set on her son Josh.  She raised him to be an exceptional young man, and was so very proud of his accomplishments.

Candyce was such an animal advocate & lover. She brought new pets into “The Shire” & gave them amazing lives.

Candyce taught a Tarot series at Green Goddess Grange.  She shared such insight into the layers of meanings & symbolism of the cards, showing us to go deep within to find our own interpretation of the spread, not just what the books tell us the cards represent.  We all went away with so much more than your typical class, making us realize our own intuitive abilities, which some of us didn’t know were there.

There were no bounds to her generosity.  She shared her love, her knowledge & insight, as well as physical gifts.  Soon after meeting her, she had Will create a Pyro Portrait of the Green Goddess logo.

Most of you know that the closing of the store wasn’t easy on me. I got rid of most things that reminded me of the Grange-it was too painful.  That piece of art was one of the few mementos I kept, and it is displayed in my room, where it gives me a sense of peace, rather than a sense of loss.  She helped me at that difficult time to perceive the situation in a different light and see my own part  & purpose in the community’s growth.

I was always in awe of Candyce’s ability to articulate & communicate her thoughts, insights & feelings. At the Sacred Circle Shamanic Retreat I attended,  she was always participated in the discussions, allowing Spirit to flow thru & be shared with us all.

Obviously Candyce was an old soul, sent here to teach, heal & be a comfort & a beacon of hope for all of us she touched. Perhaps the Universe felt she had already shone her light a sufficient amount while on this earthly plain, but that doesn’t make it any easier to understand & not mourn her passing.

I think it would be a wonderful tribute to continue  the tradition of her Holiday Shop & Bop, bringing us all together for a night of shopping, celebration & community, and giving back to needy children & animal rescues. I know this was of huge importance to her.

It was truly on honor & blessing to have had Candyce in my life, even for such a short time. I am a better person for knowing her, Will & Josh.

Fly high, Earth Angel, may you always Follow your Bliss on your journey, with your “A Team” guide you home.


I love you