Faerie“Green Goddess Grange- a place close to my heart, where you can feel welcomed, loved and be at peace. Wonderful people who you can talk to, listen and feel comfortable; the workshops and events are inspiring and empowering. GGG & all who are a part have definitely help me to start living my truth and to realize that we are all one together. Thank you Steffi for bringing a place where there is a vibration of love and belonging. A comfortable home in which all are welcome.”

~ Debbie C. from Jackson, NJ

fairy_kneeling“I am so thankful to have found you Steffi & the GGG when I did in my life. I found myself drawn to the Grange & what I like to call “No Judgement Zone”. We laughed, we learned, we shared & we cried. As a community, we were all drawn to the sanctuary you created, where we could all be our true selves & grow.

Thank you Steffi for everything that you have done to help me confirm my path, & for giving me the tools to continue on I am so proud & thankful to be a part of the GGG community.

Thank you for just being you. You are a special friend & you mean the world to me.”

~ Heidi from Freehold, NJ

“And so, thank you for the dream”

~ Jason from Manchester, NJ


“It’s been a blessing to meet you & know the Green Goddess. Each weekend, joining you & others of kindred spirit was the healing I needed & grew from.”

~ Lisa from Whiting, NJ

“Because of your store & because of WHO you are, all of the opportunities I had through you to explore, learn & make connections. Through you, I’ve found more of myself”

ToniAnn from Freehold, NJ

“I want to thank you for opening up the GGG. It opened my heart, & believe me, that isn’t easy for me to do. The GGG will always be a part of me; it will always be alive within my soul”

Alba from Jackson, NJ

“You have changed people’s lives with your beautiful store. You’ve made such a difference in so many lives, including mine, my daughter’s & the positive changes will continue. You are an inspiration. You have such grace & spirit & love.

You are one of a kind!

Betsy from Wall Twp, NJ


“I think that your store & the way you helped people is incredible. Keep being your light, happy, fairy like self. I love you.”

Natalie from Wall Twp, NJ

“I found GGG at a time when I was spiritually lost. I had been let go from my job, & had found Linda’s Nature Meet-Up group but it still wasn’t enough. You were mentioned to me, and from the minute I stepped foot through the store, I felt “found”. I’ve experienced such a sense of peace & an uplifting spirit through the circles & psychics & sisterhood.

We have such a wonderful community & that love will never leave us. Thank you for opening your door, your heart & your home to us.”

Kimberly from Brick, NJ

“The Green Goddess Grange is such a wonderful gathering place for the community. It is a treasure filled with loving people who nurture each other & it all stems from you. I have always found comfort, joy & friendship as well as so many magickal finds.

Thank you so very much for all that you do, have done & for your love, friendship, kindness, generosity & creativity. The results are obvious.”

Cheryl from Lanoka Harbor, NJ

“You have brought so many like- minded people together. The friendships will continue forever. Blessings of grace & abundance-the Universe has something very special in store for you.

Thank you for the love & community you have given us all.”

Joannie from Jackson, NJ

You have certainly touched many-& for sure ME! May your spirit continue to shine & lead the way for all to come. May all your dreams come true.”

Roseann from Belmar, NJ

“Meeting you was definitely meant to be, either thru the GGG or the “house . You & the Grange family have helped me get out of my funk & back into myself. I truly am so grateful to you & your beautiful heart.”

Eileen from Jackson, NJ

fae“I still remember the first day I called the store & asked you “What is Reiki?”….the rest now is history. It has already been said but I will say again THANK YOU. I look at the people you brought together & then realize that for everyone one of them, you have changed their lives for the better & have contributed to their growth.”

Mary Ann from Jackson, NJ

“Thank you for creating this wonderful community here @ GGG. You have done a tremendous service to all of us. Thank you for giving me a place to teach & grow & also to escape to sometimes. GGG will always be a part of us & the fellowship is what matters.”

Meriwyn from Manalapan, NJ

“You are such a beautiful blessing to many beings. Thank you for opening your heart & your store to us. The Grange is like a little fairy light in the darkness. That light lives in all of us. You brought kindred spirits together by following your dream. You are loved & supported on your journey. I know the light will follow you where you go & whatever you do.”

Lucy from Neptune, NJ

My name is Wandering Flower. I am so grateful I wandered into your community. You have touched so many lives; remember it is you that built this community, not the walls that surround. Continue sharing your love & light. I may have only met you a short time ago, but I’ve known you “all my lives”

Christine from Howell, NJ