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All you Moms out there are probably adjusting to the kids going back to school.  Getting used to their class schedule, and extra-curricular activities can be a huge adjustment.  Your kids can experience this stress too, as well as other situations

Many children will find school fun & exciting, while others find the change in schedule frustrating & causes anxiety.

I’ve put together some information on certain crystals that may help. Crystal energy is a non-invasive healing modality that kids seem to respond particularly well too.  They love the stones, and can just carry them in their book bags. Even just knowing they are there can give them sense of comfort.

These stones can help them rock the 2019-2020 school year!

AMAZONITE  Alleviates fear & frustration. Helps to filter incoming information & can improve outward communication skills

BLUE LACE AGATE  AWESOME for shy kids. Helps them express their thoughts by “using their words”. Also reduces stress. It neutralizes feelings of being judged or rejected & soothes angry feelings

SODALITE  Improves logic & encourages harmony in situations where kids are working in groups. Dispels confusion. It’s great for all types of learning, by facilitation the process of new learning, & reorganizing thought patterns

FLUORITE   THE crystal for students who are chronically disorganized. It improves mental coordination& helps students process new information while promoting retention & quick thinking

TIGER EYE   A highly protective stone. Helps students set & accomplish goals. Assists focus & provides a nice confidence boost.  It’s great for a child dealing with a bullying situation

BLACK TOURMALINE   For children on the spectrum or simply sensitive to the energy of other people, this stone will ground & protect them from these overwhelming feelings. Dispels negativity, and can assist kids with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

MOONSTONE  Great for balancing the hormones in older children. Also helps those dealing with ADD/ADHD. Helps kids accept the constant changes they are experiencing

HEMATITE  Another stone great for teens, improving focus & concentration, and protecting against being bombarded with energy & against bullies.


I’m offering a healing combo pouch with all 8 stones for $15. I can also create a custom combo for kids dealing with some other specific issues.