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On Valentine’s Day, which holds such expectations….I wish you Love

When anybody loves anybody…

Love them as a liberated person.

Love yourself and live your life as a liberated person first.

Accept and respect that sometimes the pathway to liberation chosen by the liberated person you love may not always include you as company in the ways you may want.

Accept and respect that sometimes you or the relationship as it stands may be part of what the liberated person you love may feel the need to liberate themselves from.

If you love them, do not stand in the way of their liberation, just as you would never want them to do to you.

When anybody loves anybody…

Be aware and mindful of what they may be sacrificing and/or putting aside or on the back burner to be with you.

Accept that we cannot hold on to life or to love or anybody, we can only touch them…and we do.

Be aware of all that being with you entails, both for better and worse, and be willing to suspend emotion and ego in reflecting hard on what potential impacts being with you may have on the spirit and mind and personhood of the one you love.

Let them have their space and time, for it’s not for you to let or permit…it is a fundamental necessity for all of us to be well, to grow, to be the best possible incarnation of ourselves.

Never forget that the time we have together is all that we ever have, and no amount of love guarantees anything ever staying the same, or anything lasting forever, and the more free we can be from resistance or change or attachment to specific outcomes, the more we can cherish what we are, where we are, why we are, and all we are.

Never forget that we are all just here for a short time, and it may as well be a good time, even if and when every good time is not a long time, and a long time is never inherently the same thing as a good time.

Be like the cool water.

Be like the shining sun.

Be like the warm breeze.

Be like the peacefulness of the night.

Do not be the weight.

Do not be the adversary.

Do not be that which strips away years and life and light.

Accept that to every relationship, we bring who we are and we bring where we are at, and if we are alive, we shall not stay the same.

And if we deal in love, nothing EVER stays the same, and this is absolutely a blessing. And i love you.

~ El Machetero