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Green Goddess NJ - Organic Local Artisanal Honey from Steffi Main

Bees have inhabited the earth for millions of years.  Entomologists (scientist who study insects) have studied fossilized honey bees, preserved in amber, which are dated around 100 million years old.  The honey bees they have found have changed very little since then..

Human beings have long known the wonders of honey, it was the primary sweetener. Farmers in the 18th century recognized the value of pollination by bees; their crops enjoyed dramatic improvement-more & larger flowers, fruit & vegetables.

In North America, approximately 30% of the food we consume is produced by bee pollinated crops, and generates sales in the area of $16 billion in the US alone.

Steffi needed a source for local honey to sell at Green Goddess Grange. Local bee keepers Bee Ge La Apiaries befriended her, and introduced her into the fascinating world of the honeybees. 

After several years of reading up on apiculture, taking a beginner course & listening to stories from other bee keepers, she started with 2 hives in 2016.   As of summer 2019, there are 6 hives total. Honey has been harvested for the yeLocal honey from other apiaries is on hand at all times. Numerous different infused honeys are offered as indicated below.

If interested in learning about beekeeping, Steffi will announce on Facebook when the hives will be opened for maintenance, inspection or extraction & all are welcome to observe.